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What We Offer

We offer payment levels based on the condition of the device, and whether accessories are bundled in or not. Descriptions are as follows:

No Warranty Seal
Any faults accepted.

This is a console that has previously been opened. If the original manufacturers warranty seal is missing or has been damaged, your console would fall under this price bracket. This includes warranty seals that have been placed via 3rd party repair services.  Please note that all internal parts should be present like the disc drive and PSU, or we will send the device back without payment.

From £15

Console Only

Any fault accepted.

For customers sending us just the console on its own - no cables or controllers. Original manufacturers warranty seal must be intact.

From £25

Console & Accessories
Any fault accepted.

This price bracket is for customers who send us their faulty console with a working controller, controller cable, HDMI and power lead. The warranty seal must also be intact to be eligible for this price bracket.

From £35


Why Sell To Us?

We Pay More! - Not many places buy broken devices. Those that do don't pay anywhere near as much as we do. Music Magpie will pay £10.80 for a faulty PS4 original (price last checked 25/09/2018). We pay up to £45! If you see a better quote, let us know. 

Price Promise - The price you are quoted is the payment you receive. As long as it is as described.

Fast Payment - On acceptance, we pay cash! straight away.

MultiTek Solutions is the easiest way to get cash for your unwanted broken game consoles!

We buy all kinds of game consoles, like the Xbox One, PS4 and more...

How Much Do We Pay?