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Terms & Conditions

You must agree to these before booking any repair with us. Effective Date: 1st Day of April in the Year 2018


All contracts formed between MultiTek Solutions and Customers shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with English Law. Any disputes not resolved by the normal complaints procedure will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England & Wales under English Law. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to refuse to supply services you order. Once you book an appointment using our online booking service and/or allow MultiTek Solutions to commence work on your device, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.PAYMENTS AND BOOKINGS 1.1 We accept cleared payments through Stripe and bank transfer . 1.2 Cash on collection is also accepted. 1.3 If under guarantee you return a device for repair and we do not find a fault that relates to the original repair we carried out, full price will be charged for the new repair that is required. 1.4 It is possible that the eventual price to repair the unit will be higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). On these occasions you will be contacted via email or phone/text to authorise a new repair quotation. 1.5 We guarantee no additional charges will be made without prior notice given to the customer. 1.6 Your device will be held for a maximum of 30 days after they are either repaired, deemed beyond economical repair or requiring a re-quote. We will make reasonable attempts to contact you by phone and email a minimum of 3 times. If you have not made payment within 30 days, the unit will be auctioned to recover our costs. 1.7 There is no charge if the unit cannot be repaired. If the unit can be repaired but you decide to not go ahead with the repair(s), there will be a £20 diagnosis fee. 1.8 MultiTek Solutions reserve the right to cancel or change bookings made by the customer at any time.

2. POSTAL SERVICE 2.1 We use DPD next day Delivery excluding weekends charged at £10 to cover the postal cost and packaging, If the repair is booked online return delivery is inlcuded with repair quote. 2.2 Any devices shipped to the customer must be examined as soon as the item is received. In case of any damaged or lost devices the customer must inform us immediately or within 24 hours via email: [email protected] Any packaging must be kept for inspection at a later date. You will be asked to sign for the items to confirm their receipt. 2.3 Customers are required to provide a full and correct return address when placing the order. 2.4 Please note MultiTek Solutions will not take responsibility for any delays or lost items due to incorrect customer details. Choosing return delivery via DPD next day is at the customers own risk. 2.5 Before we can consider a delivery as lost, we ask that you allow 15 working days from the day of dispatch before contacting us. 2.6 It is possible that the eventual price to repair the unit will be higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). On these occasions you will be contacted via email or phone to authorise a new repair quotation. 2.7 PLEASE NOTE that customer is required to make the payment after the repair is completed within 10 days of notification. Failing to do so will result in a payment reminder, and administration and storage fees of £10.00 will apply.

3. TURNAROUND TIME 3.1 We aim to complete the repair process within the time stated on our website, and most repairs will be completed within this period, but we cannot guarantee this time period due to unforeseen circumstances. 3.2 If there are subsequent additional repairs to be made, then the time and payment may vary.

4. GUARANTEE 4. Any repairs made to customers equipment will be repaired at no extra cost should it fail with the same part failure within 6 months so long as the device has NOT BEEN OPENED BY THE CUSTOMER OR A THIRD PARTY. We have a process which will enable us to assess whether this has occurred. THIRD PARTY does include the original manufacturer of the item. 4.2 In the case of a replacement part being issued under a guarantee claim, the replacement part will not have a new warranty applied to it. 4.3 Guarantee excludes faults relating to physical or accidental damage to a customer’s device. 4.4 In the case of water damaged devices, because of the specific, unpredictable nature of the damages, only a 14 day guarantee will be given. 4.5 If a customer does not provide their passcode or the device is blocked by other security, we are unable to check the device is fully functioning. We, therefore, we will not be able to provide a full guarantee. 4.6 Guarantees do not cover loss or damage due to negligence, accidents, theft, flood, fire, earthquakes, electrical storms or any other act of God or any war related events. 4.7 For YLOD we will redo the repair if the console fails within 14 days only. The PS3 YLOD is due to poor manufacture in China and the fact that the PS3 runs at too high a temperature. To PERMANENTlY fix the problem, you would need to redesign the console.

5. RETURNS AND REFUNDS 5.1 If a device is returned to us under guarantee please note that we reserve the right to refuse the guarantee return due to physical damage caused by the customer following the initial repair. 5.2 Where the device requires an additional repair, and the customer chooses not to proceed, or it is too expensive to complete, no refund will be issued due to the original successful repair done. 5.3 All diagnosis and water damage treatment fees are non-refundable. 5.4 If you use the postal option and send a device back to us under the repair guarantee, the cost of the postage to send the unit to us will be covered by you. However we will return the unit to you free of charge if a problem is found. If the problem is not related to the original fault or no fault is found, return postage charges will apply as referred to in clause 2.7 5.5 All Returns under the Guarantee must be accompanied with the original receipt issued to you following the initial repair as this is your proof of repair and also your guarantee. If the original receipt can not be provided you will not be entitled to ANY free of charge replacements or corrections. In the case that the original receipt cannot be provided, all repairs will be fully chargeable. 5.6 All Devices which are brought to MultiTek Solutions are security marked internally to ensure that any device brought back to us under warranty allows us to establish that the item being presented has been previously repaired by us. 5.7 Any devices returned under warranty that are subsequently found to be fraudulent claims will be subject to a £20 diagnosis fee. 5.8 Once you logged a warranty claim with us, either by e-mail, telephone or Text, we will require the device to be returned to us within 72 hours to prevent any further damage. Should an item become further damaged due to user error (examples of this are trying to fix the device yourself, taking to a 3rd party repairer, or opening your device breaking warranty seals if applicable before returning to us) will have their warranty void. If you are unable to bring the device back for assessment within 72 hours, this must be agreed with a representative of MultiTek Solutions.

6. GENERAL DISCLAIMER 6.1 The Customer shall back up all data stored on the device to be repaired before submitting or returning the device for repair. 6.2 MultiTek Solutions does not accept any liability for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered during repair. The Customer accepts full responsibility for Customer software and data and MultiTek Solutions are not required to advise or remind customers of appropriate backup and other procedures. We will do our utmost to retain any data. 6.3 MultiTek Solutions does not accept responsibility for any further faults that occur during the repair. (i.e. Some units may have logic board damage and will power on. Once the unit is dismantled to replace a part e.g. PSU, the board can develop a fault and fail to power on). 6.4 MultiTek Solutions have permission from the customer to replace assemblies or components with devices of similar, or better design and capability. 6.5 MultiTek Solutions have unconditional permission from the customer to carry out work on the equipment in need of repair. 6.6 devices repaired by MultiTek Solutions are only covered for faulty workmanship on parts, and for parts that fail due to manufacturing defects. This guarantee does not cover failure from “fair wear and tear”. 6.7 All repairs are carried out on a best endeavours basis. We pride ourselves on our technical "know how" and expertise. Whilst we take the utmost care during the repair of your console we are not responsible for any complications or further faults that arise during the repair process. On very rare occasions it is possible for your device to have further faults appear/occur during the repair, we will endeavour to assist with this and repair any further faults that you have paid extra to have repaired, but on some occasions unfortunately the repair may not be successful and your device may be completely unrepairable. This is a general disclaimer that you must accept as you would accept personally before surgery of any kind, the same rule applies to electronic repairs.

7. COMPLAINTS 7.1 We intend to satisfy all of our customers, and our complaint resolution system helps us to ensure that our customers are very satisfied, even when things may go wrong. If you have a complaint, please contact us either by email or by letter. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will investigate to see what went wrong so that we can resolve it to your satisfaction, and to avoid reoccurrence in the future. We undertake to:

1. Acknowledge complaints within 5 working days

2. Advise you how long it will take to resolve the complaint

3. Keep you informed throughout the process