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What We Do

Simply put, we fix your broken games consoles.  At MultiTek Solutions, we source and use the best quality parts on the market.  We're sure that the parts we use to repair your console are better than the ones that the manufacturers themselves use.

We provide

  • PlayStation repairs (All Models)
  • Xbox repairs (All Models)

With all of our experience in repairing consoles, we're experts in dealing with broken HDMI ports and other severe faults with consoles like corrupt firmware and error codes.  We really are experts - but that's what you should expect from MultiTek Solutions. If you can break it, we can fix it.

Why Us

Here at MultiTek Solutions we take pride in all our repair services, to do this MultiTek Solutions is 100% transparent with everything. This starts will listing all the prices clearly on the website. These are fixed prices and not a from price. If in the course of a repair we notice something else that needs fixing, you will be called to see if you wish to have that part fixed at the same time. There will be no surprises when you come back to pick up your device.

What do I do Now?

It's really simple to get your device repaired by MultiTek Solutions.  Use the form below to tell us what device you have and we will contact you within 2 hours, Alternatively you can call us on 07926 789516 for a Immediate Response.

So, what are you waiting for?